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German court rules that municipality illegally interfered with freedom of assembly when it blocked BDS event.

Artists remain in shock after Israel bombed the Said al-Mishal Cultural Center in Gaza City.

Israel lobby determined to make it “too costly” to support Palestinian rights on campus.

Artists vow to go on despite Israel's destruction of Said al-Mishal cultural center.

Michael Herzog had a direct role in deadly attacks on Gaza.

After release, poet Dareen Tatour vows to continue writing.

The Israel lobby is determined to censor activists who defend Palestinian rights.

Emily Thornberry fails to protect Israel from end to UK arms trade.

Rights groups emphasize need for accountability at UN Human Rights Council.

A Palestinian American secretly recorded her interrogation by Israeli officers at Ben Gurion airport.

Six Gaza protesters slain in one week.

But António Guterres quickly reasserts commitment to failed international consensus.

Vulnerable families worry that US and Israeli pressure on PA to end stipends will leave them bereft.

Israeli settlement construction surges in West Bank.

Oslo subterfuge was always that. Israel never countenanced Palestinian statehood.
Kenneth Marcus was filmed for Al Jazeera's censored Israel lobby documentary.

Gaza child dies after being shot in spine by army sniper during protest.

Muhammad al-Rimawi is the third Palestinian to die this year in Israeli detention.

Khalil Jabarin, 16, was shot and injured after stabbing and killing American settler in West Bank.

“The occupation’s bet on the policy of biding its time is failing,” Hamas spokesperson says.