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After Argentina cancellation, there are calls for Israel-Northern Ireland match to be nixed.

The huge number of injuries Israel inflicted on unarmed protesters brought Gaza’s health service to its knees.

The 21-year-old was denied medical care and left to bleed to death, family says.

California State University East Bay, University of Oregon urge divestment from Israeli occupation profiteers.

Arabs denied entry to Ron Dermer’s event.

France’s President Emmanuel Macron gives Israeli leader a gala welcome.

Christian Zionism is deeply anti-Semitic.

Campaign urged Lionel Messi not to sportswash war crimes.

Israel to start pumping gas to Jordan in 2020.

Fears over withdrawal of US air base, or even invasion, preoccupy Doha.

Right-wing parties suffer a blow as Oslo government upholds municipal bans on goods from Israeli settlements.

A monthly roundup of photographs documenting Palestine, Palestinian life, politics and culture, and international solidarity with Palestine.

Two million people “caged in a toxic slum from birth to death,” says UN human rights chief.

Human rights defenders shout down former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak in San Francisco.

Marc Wadsworth to fight expulsion in court over false anti-Semitism charge

The European Union is helping Israel’s arms companies to boost their sales.

Will the body of Palestinian prisoner who died after severe beating be released?

Nothing “friendly” about Argentina’s planned game in Jerusalem, Palestinians say.

Will EU continue to coddle Israeli ministers who call for extermination of Palestinians?

By unpacking Israeli books, we can learn a great deal about the expulsion of Palestinians in 1948.