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No way to mitigate complicity in war crimes while doing business with settlements, says Human Right Watch.

Tel Aviv LGBT film festival hit with wave of cancellations.

Haya Khalid wants to make a Palestinian mark on international fashion.
Families find it impossible to celebrate holy month as they usually would.

French organizers vow to make Netanyahu’s June visit a day of solidarity with Palestine.

Judges refused to watch videos documenting the shooting of unarmed civilians.

The community of Khan al-Ahmar will be forcibly displaced to make way for settlements.

Deliberate psychological pressure from Israel’s military leave Palestinian children like Muhammad Tamimi traumatized.
Palestinian journalists cover Great March of Return despite Israeli attacks.

Israel’s legal system can’t, or won’t, protect African refugees.

Trump envoy to UN protested at University of Houston over Gaza massacre.

Europe Israel Public Affairs falsely claims that journalists were lured into “sinister world of Hamas.”

International event deepens its collaboration with Israeli embassy.

Syrian military declares victory as Islamic State fighters are routed from Damascus.

EU criticizes Israel’s crackdown on human rights defenders, hosts president for lunch.

Dozens of bands announce support for boycott of Israel in coordinated action.

Medical neglect of Palestinians detained by Israel “is the norm, rather than the exception.”

Social media giant’s crackdown on Palestine-related speech and dissent appears to be intensifying.

Call for independent investigation after Friday’s “brutal” police attack against peaceful demonstrators in Haifa.

Lives have been placed at risk by steep cuts to public sector wages.