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Israelis fear decision could bring officials closer to trial in The Hague.

Israeli demolition workers demand the right wages for a war crime.

Israel’s resort to large-scale air attacks is the latest escalation of its collective punishment of Gaza’s population .

Besieged territory in “social and economic collapse” as Israel tightens blockade.

Benjamin Netanyahu gives green light for provocative actions against one of Islam’s holiest sites.

Reported visit comes as Gulf states compete for Israel’s affections.

A painting by Mahmoud al-Moqayad captures Palestinian anger over US policy on Jerusalem.
An Israeli soldier pointed his assault rifle directly at us.

Palestinians are supposed to accept the annihilation of their lives without protest.

Campaigners jubilant as bill passes first major hurdle.

Doha's lobbying effort involved large donation to group that supports Israeli military officers.

Anti-BDS laws defeated in Missouri, but passed in Louisiana.

Israeli lacrosse official says visiting players will be used as “ambassadors for Israel.”

Hasan Adwan spends hours creating models out of matches.

Editorial illustration by Nidal El-Khairy

Israel has increased its cooperation with the military alliance over the past few years.

Labour undoes the most damaging provisions of definition which smeared Palestine solidarity activists.

Twenty children are among the 150 Palestinians killed in Gaza since launch of Great March of Return.

Village gets brief reprieve as Israeli court temporarily halts demolition.

Men injured by Israel's snipers keep playing the game they love.