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New bill would criminalize filming or recording Israeli soldiers.

Nazi group Azov is now a unit of the Ukrainian armed forces

Request comes as Israel moves to destroy Khan al-Ahmar.

Father killed by Israel had borrowed $28,000 to meet his family's needs.
Main opposition party to support bill in 11 July vote.
A monthly roundup of photographs documenting Palestine, Palestinian life, politics and culture, and international solidarity with Palestine

Campaigners hail “first victory on a just path.”

New military order makes it easier than ever for Israel to demolish Palestinian homes.

French insurance giant invests in Israeli arms makers and banks that build settlements.

Palestinian artist reflects on Palestine’s spiritual and artistic heritage.

Yasir Amjad Musa Abu al-Naja, 12, is second Palestinian child killed this week.

Proposed changes by Israel advocacy organizations omit Israel’s historic and current violations of Palestinian rights.

Salah Hamouri has been in administrative detention for more than 300 days.

Top Israeli minister says kite launchers should be shot – even if they’re children.

Irish celebrities join call to stay away from song contest hosted by Israel.

Palestinians from Gaza who study abroad are impeded from going home even for a holiday.

Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez strongly condemned Israel’s massacre in Gaza.

Some journalists act as a marketing assistants for Israel’s weapons industry.

Rate of babies dying in their first year, in decline worldwide, has stagnated over past decade.

New group will act as front for covert war on Palestinian rights movement.