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Sondos Ashour treats the wounded, dreams of returning to her homeland.

Editorial illustration by Nidal El-Khairy.

New study guide is a significant breakthrough for faith-based groups championing Palestinian rights.

Jerusalem light rail is part of master plan aimed at cementing Israel’s occupation of the city.

Culinary icon was more interested in people and politics than ingredients.

Local governments in Ireland, Spain, Chile and Italy have all endorsed BDS.

Restrictions on speech by Dhoruba Bin-Wahad came after Israel lobby pressure.

Women were sexually harassed and young men beaten by undercover police during a recent Ramallah protest.

ACLU calls Anti-Semitism Awareness Act “dangerous and unnecessary.”

EU refuses to investigate if it trained forces who suppressed Ramallah protest.

Israeli military courts reportedly extend detention of Khalida Jarrar without charge or trial.

Ultimate deal set to be ultimate insult.

How Israel rigged Irish boycott poll.

After North Carolina city bans police exchanges with Israel, settler extremist Ben Packer calls for revenge.

Forcible transfer of Khan al-Ahmar community would constitute a war crime.

Roger Waters supports Young Fathers, reiterates right to BDS.

Trump envoy said Gaza Palestinians are “basically Egyptians” who should go back there.

An eyewitness account of how secret police repressed a Ramallah demonstration.

Israel, US suffer another crushing defeat in UN vote, but resolution is toothless.

Palestinians in Ramallah are protesting Mahmoud Abbas’ sanctions against Gaza.