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Dutch researchers handcuffed, abused by Israeli interrogators before being expelled.

Teen who spent eight months in prison says she has no regrets for slapping occupation soldier.

Palestinian teen killed after fatally stabbing Israeli in West Bank settlement.

Limak Holding stays out of project “due to its sensitive nature.”

Protesters died after walking into paths of bullets, internal probe claims.

Lawmakers applaud Jordanian company for refusing to provide building materials.

Israel closes Palestinian college in Jerusalem, bans Birzeit faculty from obtaining visas.

The pain of people displaced by Zionist forces in 1948 remains vivid 70 years later.

Reporting on Palestine circumscribed by editorial framing narratives.

Israeli policies targeting Palestinians undergirded by violence or its threat.
Anti-BDS operative Benjamin Weinthal admits "you have to exaggerate" in order to smear activists as anti-Semites.

In shocking news, US peace efforts have ended, at least for now, without success.

Editorial illustration by Nidal El-Khairy.

Teen shot during raid on West Bank refugee camp is latest fatality by Israeli forces.

Saudi network Al Arabiya airs documentary promoting Zionist slant on history.

Life returns to normal in Israel while Gaza hospitals run out of fuel.

Government-backed Jewish-only singles mixers aim to prevent miscegenation.

Defense minister threatens “broad, painful military operation” and says civilians “will pay the price.”

Labour investigating lawmaker accused of calling leader “fucking anti-Semite”

More than 50 athletes have been injured in Gaza so far this year.