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Israel’s violent actions “go against every human rights principle,” says Democratic activist Mal Hyman.

Israel “fabricating lies to justify murder” of journalist slain in Gaza.

Ras Mubarak, a lawmaker from Ghana, was denied entry to the occupied West Bank.

Despite group’s public denials, director Ella Rose privately admitted to working with Shai Masot.

Just 1 percent of Gaza's entrepreneurs are female.

Destruction of Bedouin village “reminiscent of the darkest of regimes such as apartheid-era South Africa.”

Firm that helps build infrastructure of occupation takes part in EU-financed science project.

Gaza is a ghetto for two million people whom Israel will not allow to go home solely because they are not Jews.

Ruth Smeeth’s press release had claimed a Corbyn supporter accused her of a “media conspiracy”

Do Mohammad bin Salman’s “Jewish state” comments live up to the hype?

Decision slams “ethnic cleansing” of Palestinians, calls for end to contracts with occupation profiteer HP.

Israeli opposition party accuses UK Labour leader of “hatred” towards Israel.

Netanyahu cancels UN resettlement deal after his base demands deportation "down to the last Eritrean."

Video recorded by Israeli soldiers shows them celebrating after felling unarmed Palestinian demonstrator.

Teenager remains silent as Israelis attempt to coerce confession.

Chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda says those responsible for “violence against civilians” could face trial.

Refugees' right of return is the core of the Palestinian struggle.

California community college faculty pass BDS resolution as University of California students launch collective divestment campaign.

More than 350 Palestinian children in Israeli jails on Palestinian children’s day.

Occupation forces have fatally shot 27 Palestinians during protests since launch of Great March of Return.