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Maps that show the reality of Israel’s land theft have angered right-wing bigots.

How can the movement for Palestinian rights engage with the politics of Native independence in North America and beyond?

Palestinians welcome major win, but warn that the security and incarceration firm’s role in Israel’s abuses continues

Israelis cheer for deaths of alleged Palestinian attackers slain by police, videos show.

Lawsuit seeks $34.5 billion in damages from US donors and groups accused of facilitating Israeli settlements and war crimes.

CEO now blames Israel — not BDS — for loss of Palestinian jobs.

Permits to extract resources from occupied Golan violate international law.

The Dawaween ensemble aims to bring Palestinian heritage to broader audience.
BDS movement is seen as a threat toward Israel’s status as a “priority market” for Canada.

Human rights defender in Hebron targeted, arrested for “incitement.”

Israel has criminalized the renowned lawyer and her brother Medhat Issawi for representing Palestinian prisoners.

Recent events have left Arab and Muslim students wondering if the prestigious New York university is safe for them.

Campaigners say new government policy a rehash of existing laws.

Women of the Wall are fighting to pray at a crime scene.
Iyad Sajadiyya was defending Qalandiya refugee camp from the Israeli army when he was struck by one of its bullets.

Group running ads featuring Mahmoud Darwish’s poems has faced censorship in the past.

A monthly roundup of photographs documenting Palestine, Palestinian life, politics and culture, and international solidarity with Palestine.

Palestinians and Jordanians celebrate win in ongoing campaign to end all UN contracts with firm that aids Israeli torture.

Israeli attacks on Palestinian journalists and media freedoms are escalating.

Students Supporting Israel is an astroturf group whose leaders are closely tied to the Israeli government.