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Scholars call for an end to study abroad in Israel programs at US universities.

Palestinians burn tires along Gaza boundary to protect themselves from snipers ordered to shoot civilians.

Syria conflict is heightening pressure on Druze to assimilate.
Jackie Walker, smeared in manufactured Labour anti-Semitism crisis, connects political persecution past and present in one-woman show.

The number willing to criticize Israel over killings of protesters is tiny, but still bigger than the number willing to defend it.

A monthly roundup of photographs documenting Palestine, Palestinian life, politics and culture, and international solidarity with Palestine.

Human Rights Watch says Israeli leaders could face prosecution for attack on Gaza marchers.

Abdel Raouf al-Balawi was arrested during protests against Donald Trump's announcement on Jerusalem.

Evidence of horrific injuries to protesters emerges.

Israel’s Bull Connor treated as equal to march organizer.

Video shows unarmed youth being shot dead as he ran away from boundary fence.

Nearly 1,500 were injured, more than half by live fire.

The impunity Israel enjoys for its brutal violence reflects a deep-seated moral problem in our world.

Occupation army imposing nine-day closure on West Bank, Gaza for Passover holiday.

State-owned weapons maker draws down grants from EU’s science program.

Ismail Ziada lost six family members, including his mother, in 2014 bombing of his family home in Gaza.

Kansas lawmakers scramble to protect anti-BDS measure against legal challenges.

"Labour anti-Semitism" story is a pretext to stage coup against left-wing leader who supports Palestinian rights.
Palestinians in Gaza live a precarious existence.

Israel’s planned demolition of Bedouin village will force 350 Palestinians into homelessness.