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Violent anti-Palestinian group plans February meeting in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Belgium claims to support human rights but engages in lethal arms trade with Israel.

Military companies promote “a sanitized version of their repressive technologies,” watchdog says.

Dubious definition of anti-Semitism is being challenged.

Board of Deputies demands role in party’s disciplinary process.

Date farmers in Gaza enjoy a plentiful date harvest but with little hope of reaping much profit.

Political analyst Roland Freudenstein buddies up with advocates of extreme violence.

Human rights group barred from publishing evidence of Israeli torture against Palestinian detainees.

German press council throws out anti-Semitism complaint against investigative report on Israel lobby influence.

Energy deal implemented despite staunch opposition.

How a strange brew of Zionism, colonialism and anti-Semitism led to denial of Palestinian self-determination.

Netanyahu uses fishing industry to pressure Gaza as a whole.

Trump’s blundering around the region leaves fundamentals unchanged.

“Campaign Against Antisemitism” removes revealing video gloating about election.

The AJC Transatlantic Institute replaces reality with lies.

Even menial work in Israel or settlements pay better for many than their field of study.

Anthology of short stories imagines the Nakba in 2048.

The Lawfare Project’s director will be joined by Dennis Ross at anti-Palestinian event.

Killing of Qasem Soleimani underscores how US and Israel prefer ISIS to Iran.
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