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Palestinian citizen of Israel shot dead in Jerusalem.

Democrat broke with group’s insistence on two-state solution, opposition to BDS.

German composer asserts freedom to stand up for Palestinian rights.
My cousin is paralyzed after being shot by an Israeli sniper.
Rashad al-Hissi has been fishing for 60 years.

Israel reopened Gaza’s sole commercial crossing after inflicting millions in damage during month of closure.

Palestinian American politician clarifies stance on BDS.

Wife of jailed Saudi blogger is at the center of diplomatic spat between Saudi Arabia and Canada.

Michigan Democrat has been vague about stance on US military aid to Israel.

Defense minister makes patently false claim that 168 Palestinians slain since outset of Great March of Return all belonged to Hamas.

Refugee issue? What refugee issue?

Abdallah al-Qatati, 22, is third medic slain during Great March of Return protests.

My mother recalls how Gaza families fought back when Israelis invaded their homes.

Obliteration of five-story building followed night of terror for Palestinians families.

It’s time to stop indulging in feel-good identity politics and hold candidates accountable.

Momentum leader and Labour national executive member cosies up to Israeli embassy front group.

Union said it would go on strike if Zim-chartered vessel entered Radès.

UN envoy warns of “devastating consequences” if escalation is not contained.

But activists are demanding a full inquiry into covert trade with Israel.

Human rights are non-negotiable. Except in Gaza.