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It is not racist to ask why most Jews identify with Zionism.

Trump’s “Peace to Prosperity” scheme makes no mention of international law.

Oppressed peoples have their own insurmountable power: the power to say “no” to the oppressor.

"Grassroots" Israeli influence campaign actually run by intelligence veterans.

Bahrain conference faces boycotts and protests.

Cellebrite says software allows user to access any Apple device in physical possession.

Decision to cut global affairs program emblematic of what is wrong with media landscape.

White House plan recycles failed ideas aimed at repackaging Israeli occupation.

Palestinian babies dying alone makes for bad PR.

Only Palestinian expected to attend is reviled for working with settler groups.

Museum attacked for tweeting article on Jews and Israelis who oppose BDS crackdown.

Jonathan Hoffman and Damon Lenszner fined for obstructing Palestine protest.

US arms export law prohibits aid to countries that harass and intimidate Americans.

Rana Ramlawi sculpts Palestinian tradition into sand.

EU embraces Israel’s racist municipalities.

German festivals punishing performers for supporting Palestinian rights.

Fishers denied access to coastal waters for fifth consecutive day.

Children born through IVF have been accorded an inferior status.

“Made in Israel” label on settlement products misleads consumers.

Israel’s high court approves sale of major assets in Old City.