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Photo: The Palestinian Information Center

11 uur 17 min geleden
Hend Abou Khalil shared The Palestinian Information Center's post to the group: Belgium for Palestine.

Link: Rasmea Odeh’s silenced statement to Detroit federal court + hearing report from Rasmea Defense Committee

11 uur 38 min geleden
Marie Groffils posted a link to Belgium for Palestine's wall: On Thursday, August 17th, Judge Gershwin Drain again violated the rights of Palestinian-American icon Rasmea Odeh, this time by not allowing her to read her entire statement to the court. Forced to stop reading her statement, Rasmea ad-libbed: “I’m not a terrorist and my people are not terrorists. [The Israeli military] tortured me. They raped me. They destroyed my house…I will raise my voice to say this: we have the right to struggle for our country.” Read Rasmea’s full statement to...

Link: Pourquoi la droite israélienne ne peut pas condamner les néo-nazis de Charlottesville – Pour la Palestine

12 uur 57 min geleden
De Ly Myriam posted a link to Belgium for Palestine's wall: Il a fallu trois jours au Premier ministre israélien Benjamin Netanyahou pour réagir au meurtre de Charlottesville – plus qu’il n’en fallut à Trump. Sa réaction fut tiède, déclarant seulement qu’il était “indigné par les manifestations d’antisémitisme, de néo-nazisme et de racisme”, ajoutant que tout le monde “devrait s’opposer à cette haine”. Son fils, Yaïr Netanyahou (26 ans), en revanche, n’a pas hésité à adopter sur son compte Facebook une position plut... (1 like)

Link: Child dies from water pollution in Gaza amid worsening medical referral restrictions - MAP News - Medical Aid for Palestinians

18 aug 2017 - 18:44
Ofer Neiman posted a link to Belgium for Palestine's wall: This week the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights has reported on the sad death of five-year-old Mohammed Ahmed Salim al-Sayes.  (1 like)

Link: Israel halts construction of school in Bethlehem, despite residents receiving permit

18 aug 2017 - 18:28
Marie Groffils posted a link to Belgium for Palestine's wall: BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) -- Israeli authorities forcibly halted the construction of a school in Jubbet Al-Dhib village in the eastern part of Bethlehem in the southern occupied West Bank on Thursday, despite Palestinians receiving an Israeli-issued building permit for the project. A representative of a popular resistance committee in Bethlehem Hadan Brejiyeh told Ma’an that Israeli forces, escorted by employees of the Israeli civil administration had “raided the village,” and shut down the cons... (1 like)

Event: Voyage en Palestine du 13 au 19 septembre le programme

18 aug 2017 - 15:30
Dans le cadre de la campagne « 50 ans d’occupation et de colonisation, 70 ans de dépossession, 100 ans d’injustice » l’Association Belgo Palestinienne régionale de Liège et l’Aquilone asbl, proposent un voyage en PALESTINE du 13 au 19 septembre à l’Aquilone, boulevard Saucy, 25, à 4020 Liège. Programme complet: voir évènement (atelier de cuisine, expo, film, concert, dêbat) (3 likes)

Link: Aanklacht tegen de Israelische journalist David Sheen

18 aug 2017 - 13:16
Marie Groffils posted a link to Belgium for Palestine's wall: Een verontrustende ontwikkeling in Israel is dat ook kritische stemmen vanuit de joodse gemeenschap steeds vaker de mond wordt gesnoerd. Bij wetenschappers was dat al langer gaande. Maar de culturele en journalistieke wereld komt nu in toenemende mate ook aan de beurt. De gerespecteerde journalist David Sheen ligt onder vuur. Veel journalisten(organisaties) hebben al hun solidariteit met Sheen betuigd. Hieronder volgt de vertaling van de oproep van journalisten aan collega’s om zich solidair t...

Link: 400 Palestinian children held in Israel’s prisons

18 aug 2017 - 13:14
Ofer Neiman posted a link to Belgium for Palestine's wall: The number of Palestinian children held in Israeli occupation jails has reached 400, the director of the Commission for Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs has revealed. Issa Qaraqe said: The numbe... (1 like)

Link: Boycott from Within חרם מבפנים مقاطعة من الداخل

18 aug 2017 - 12:52
Ofer Neiman posted a link to Belgium for Palestine's wall: English follows Hebrew מכתבנו לפסטיבל Pop-Kultur בברלין, בו אנו מבקשות מהמארגנים לסיים את שיתוף הפעולה עם שגרירות ישראל: ״בעינינו זאת ציניות שמדינה קולוניאליסטית, שבמשך שבעה עשורים מפלה באופן שיטתי, על פי שיוך אתני ילידי-ערבי, ומנצלת מגדר ונטיה מינית בתוך אותה מערכת, למטרות של שיטור אוכלו... (1 like)

Link: Toufik

18 aug 2017 - 11:51
Marie Groffils posted a link to Belgium for Palestine's wall: Un ministre israélien proche de Benjamin Netanyahu a déclaré que les relations avec le président américain Donald Trump importaient plus que les condamnations de néonazis, pour justifier la réaction critiquée du Premier ministre aux événements de Charlottesville. (1 like)

Link: Must-read Classics by Arab Women Writers: Short Stories by Samira Azzam

18 aug 2017 - 11:32
Marie Groffils posted a link to Belgium for Palestine's wall: Born in Acre, according to a Jadaliyya profile, Azzam began working as a schoolteacher at the age of 16 and began publishing in the 1940s in the newspaper Palestine under the alias “Coastal Girl.” She was forced to flee in 1948 and, after that, moved between Baghdad and Beirut. As Joseph Farag writes in “Samira Azzam’s ‘Man and His Alarm Clock,’” Azzam “would emerge as one of the first and pre-eminent Palestinian literary voices in the wake of the Nakba of 1948.” (2 likes)

Video: The Palestinian Information Center

18 aug 2017 - 07:14
Hend Abou Khalil posted a video on Belgium for Palestine's wall: (1 like, 1 comment)

Link: How to be a Palestinian supermom

18 aug 2017 - 01:57
Marie Groffils posted a link to Belgium for Palestine's wall: Manal Tamimi has been going to these protests for as long as she can remember. To her, to be a Palestinian parent is to be an activist. It's impossible to separate the two roles. Taking care of her children often involves protecting them from Israeli soldiers and settlers. "Ninety percent of Palestinian mothers experience, at one point in their lives, to have one of their children either be injured or arrested," she said. (4 likes, 1 comment)

Link: Onnodige dood van Palestijnse kleuter illustreert wanhoop in Gaza

18 aug 2017 - 01:53
Marie Groffils posted a link to Belgium for Palestine's wall: Toch kwam Muhammad Salim al-Sayis wél in het nieuws. Hij stierf namelijk aan de gevolgen van een bacteriële infectie. Die bacterie liep hij vermoedelijk tien dagen eerder op bij het zwemmen in zee voor de kust van Gaza. Dat is het angstaanjagende aan het bericht: er vallen doden door de vervuiling van het kustwater. Dat was voorspeld. Nu gebeurt het ook.

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Link: Forget Gal Gadot — Here Are 5 Palestinian Wonder Women You Need To Know About

18 aug 2017 - 01:48
Marie Groffils posted a link to Belgium for Palestine's wall: For the sake of this article, I won’t speak about the violations committed by the state of Israel — the violations so many “feminists” have normalized and even supported. But I will note that I consider Zionism and feminism to be diametrically opposed. Zionism claims that the rightful homeland of the Jewish people is in Palestine — a place millions of indigenous Palestinians have called home for centuries — and while it is normalized within some pockets of feminism, it contradicts th... (2 likes, 2 comments)

Link: First Death Caused by Sea Pollution in Gaza – Palestine Square

18 aug 2017 - 00:58
Marie Groffils posted a link to Belgium for Palestine's wall: In what doctors deemed to be the first death due to Gaza’s sea pollution, five year-old Salem Al-Saiyis passed away on July 29 after suffering from Ekiri Syndrome, a disease caused by Shigella bacteria, which is commonly transmitted through a fecal-oral route. Al-Saiyis first developed symptoms on July 19 after he had gone swimming with his family at the Shaykh Ajlin beach, west of Gaza. Although Al-Saiyis’ older siblings also developed mild symptoms and have since been treated, the disease ... (2 likes)

Video: Jewish Voice for Peace

18 aug 2017 - 00:47
Marie Groffils posted a video on Belgium for Palestine's wall: (1 like)

Group wall post by Cecile Harnie

18 aug 2017 - 00:42
Cecile Harnie wrote on Belgium for Palestine's wall. (2 likes)

Link: Israël sloopt opnieuw met Europees geld gebouwde Palestijnse woningen

17 aug 2017 - 23:58
Marie Groffils posted a link to Belgium for Palestine's wall: De EU liet bij monde van voorlichter Shadi Othman een scherp protest tegen de sloop horen. Othman herinnerde eraan dat de EU Israël herhaaldelijk heeft gemaand zijn offensief tegen Europese hulpprojecten te staken. Uit gegevens van de EU blijkt dat Israël in 2016 voor bijna 560 duizend euro aan projecten van de EU en de lidstaten vernielde. Schadevergoeding bleef uit en werd ook niet door Europa geëist. (2 likes, 2 comments)

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