Israel-Palestine lezingenreeks en debat

We hope to welcome you to the

MyLandYourLand Lectures & Debate

November, 2017 — Leuven


 This year marks the passing of 50 years since the beginning of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories. Moreover, exactly 100 years ago the British government issued the Balfour Declaration which expressed support for the establishment of a "national home for the Jewish people" in Palestine. This declaration lies at the basis of the emergence of the Jewish State of Israel and the ensuing displacement of the Palestinian people from their homeland during the First Arab-Israeli War (1948) and the Six-Day War (1967). 


 It shouldn't have to be this way. Throughout history people have lived, loved and worked together on this land “where the sun rises”. When commemorating 50 years of occupation an important question arises: ​how much longer before peace will return to this land?

 The MyLandYourLand Lecture Series

 During the month of November at the KU Leuven six lectures within the fields of law, politics, history, architecture and anthropo­logy will aim at providing insight into the conflict.

 Let’s Talk About It

 At a concluding debate a diverse panel of speakers will discuss the current and future role of Europe in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

 Steven de Foer (De Standaard) will take up the role of ‘mediawatcher’. He will give an introduction to the debate through the screening of various video fragments related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

 Inge Vrancken (VRT) will moderate the debate. 

An Event You Won’t Want To Miss!

 At you will get an overview of the different speakers and the topics they will address, with information about dates and venues. 


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