Rehabilitatie Center Nablus


اللجنة المحلية لتأهيل المعاقين

منطقة عسكر

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


The Local Committee for


Askar Area



Palestinian Solidarity Movement Belgium.


Dear supporters,

I am writing to you on behalf of the Askar Camp Local Committee for Rehabilitation (LRC). We would like to thank your organization for the generous grant of 2,000 Euro towards the costs of running our new rehabilitation program. The program provides support for children who suffer from Encephalic Palsy, and is conducted at our Rehabilitation Center in Askar Refugee Camp.

Through the practical solidarity of organizations such as yours we are now well on the way towards reaching 50% of the projected annual running costs of the project. Thus, we are making significant progress towards achieving the project’s

objectives as outlined in the funding proposal we sent you. These objectives are being pursued through a range of daily activities which, thanks to your generous donation, we can now afford to conduct. Without these opportunities, the children we target would otherwise be left at home without access to education. Currently, the services we provide include the following:

  • Special education classes at our Rehabilitation Center for 15 children. These classes provide literacy training, creative arts activities and opportunities to develop social skills through interaction with peers.




  • .

  • Occupational and physical therapy sessions to address basic daily function as members of society and activities required for everyday life

  • Recreational activities to promote social integration into the extended community.

With the level of funding we currently have, we are able to provide rehabilitation activities and services to a total of 96 children in the Nablus area. It is important to note that the children’s families also benefit, since we aim to ease some of the challenges and difficulties which families will have inevitably experienced when caring for a disabled child without support.

The grant of 2000 Euros provided by the Palestinian Solidarity Movement Belgium has made a very valuable contribution towards providing these essential activities. Most importantly, it has allowed us to meet the salary and costs of employing (on a part time basis) one physiotherapist and one special education teacher. Thanks to this grant, we can employ them for a nine month period.  

Once again, on behalf of the LRC, I would like to thank you for your generous response to our request for funding and to assure you that your contribution is being put to very constructive use. We hope that we can continue to work together over the coming years in the pursuit of our objectives.

Yours sincerely,




P.S. I am attaching a series of photographs from various events and activities undertaken as part of our program, and hope that these show you the essential work that your support has enabled us to do. Once again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude. Many thanks!

An activity run with the mothers in the community, to provide them support and training as well as allowing the children a chance to socialise in larger groups.














An image of one of the children enjoying the aforementioned event

A field trip arranged for the children to a local swimming pool.

 Children partaking in some of our artistic activities during a special education lesson.

Children take part in interactive musical games at our center.

Another activity allowing children to partake in larger social events at our center.

Three children take part in a session run by our physiotherapist.

The children on a field trip, where they were also celebrating one of their birthdays!

n activity with local school students taking place at our center. These activities allow the children to interact with peers of similar ages and develop appropriate social skills.

Another field trip with the children to get them to enjoy the great outdoors!

 Continuing the theme of the outdoors, the children take part maintaining a garden in the center.

More of our special education activities at the center.

Celebrating another child's birthday at our Askar center!

Another activity with local schoolchildren to promote integration.