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A few weeks ago, members of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, outraged by Israel’s terrible assault on Gaza and its population, decided to start working on an extraordinary session of the Tribunal that will look into Israel’s Crimes (including War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity and the Crime of Genocide) during the still ongoing “Operation Protective Edge” as well as third States complicity.

During this session, that will take place on one day in Brussels on 24th September, our jury, so far composed of Michael Mansfield QC, John Dugard, Richard Falk, Ken Loach, Paul Laverty, Roger Waters and Ronnie Kasrils (more names will follow shortly) will listen to testimonies from people including Max Blumenthal, Raji Sourani (PCHR), Pernille Ironside (UNICEF), Mads Gilbert and Mohammed Abou-Arab (Surgeons), Mohammed Omer, Martin Lejeune, Paul Mason and Eran Efrati.

The jury will give its findings on 25th September in the morning during an international press conference. In the afternoon, the Jury will be received at the European parliament and address a message to the UN General Assembly for its reopening.

To register for the session (free), email us your name and organisation at :

Do mention if you are coming as a journalist and would like to record parts of the session.

This tribunal is your tribunal, and we need your support to make it happen. The total budget for this session is 50 000 euros. We are working under an exceptionally tight deadline and raising this amount of money is going to be an uphill struggle. If you feel like contributing, or know people that might be able to, please contact us, or check our “support us” page here.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Brussels.

In solidarity

The RToP team.

Wednesday 24 September 2014

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